How makes your work unique?
Each experience is tailored to meet the unique needs of the individuals I work with. I work in collaboration with Spirit, my clients and the Spiritual being of their understanding.

What are you clients’ values?
The individuals who I work with often value growth, spirituality, service, truth, peace, healing, connection.

What are your spiritual beliefs?
I have an eclectic set of spiritual beliefs and derive meaning from various traditions. I believe that In the realm of the spirit, we are all worthy and whole. We always have been. The journey is about uncovering this wholeness so we can share our brightest, most beautiful Selves and our gifts with the world.

Do I need to have previous spiritual counseling, follow a particular faith, study spirituality or have tried Reiki healing to work with you?
No. I work with a wide variety of individuals from various walks of life and previous experiences.

What is the goal of interspiritual counseling?
In an interspiritual counseling session, the interspiritual counselor seeks to provide a safe and sacred setting, to remain open and receptive, compassionate and non-judgmental, which will allow each client the opportunity to look within and recognize and be guided by their true nature. It is the interspiritual counselor’s goal to help counselees find and remember that they already contain the divine wisdom within to provide their own answers.  This goal is accomplished by remaining centered in Spirit and knowing that we are all conduits for God’s work.

What do people receive from working with you?
Explore life issues from a spiritual perspective
Incorporate spirituality into their decision-making process.
Develop a meaningful prayer life. Understanding of one’s spiritual style & methods in which one connects with the divine. Exploration of various rituals spiritual practices.
Work with their body as a source of wisdom.

What transformation happens?
A deepening and clarification of one’s concept of God, the divine, the holy.
Find Purpose through a spiritual connection.
Feel that they are living an authentic, meaningful life.

What is the core content received in interspiritual counseling?

  1. Presence. Counselors will always guide counselee back to the wisdom of the present moment.
  2. Compassion. Counselor understands that all counselee’s are divine beings worthy of love and respect.
  3. Spiritual Practice. Counselor will work with client to identify spiritual practices from various traditions that meet the needs of the counselee and his or her belief system.
  4. Deep imaginal inquiry. One’s soul & psyche will be accessed through guided visualizations, imagery, meditations and chakra body work.
  5. Cultivating a relationship with the Unknown/The Mystery. Counselor creates a safe space for counselee’s to explore their relationship with divinity, God, unknown/unseen processes, death etc.

What are the phases of spiritual counseling?
Intake: 2-4 bi-weekly sessions. Counselor begins to conceptualize client’s religious/spiritual history, psychological history, current perception of the divine and issues or areas of concern. 

Spiritual Planning/Exploration: 4-12 bi-weekly sessions. Counselor and counselee work in tandem with Spirit to connect with the present moment and participate in spiritual practices and rituals. 

Spiritual Maintenance and Support:  Monthly sessions. Can meet more frequently if counselee requests additional support.

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