About Me

Amanda Ashley Fresnics, LCSW
Spiritual Counselor – Psychotherapist – Reiki Master

A message from Amanda:

I first would like to extend much gratitude for you heeding the call to heal.

You are in the right place.

I believe that we’re all born perfect and whole, and also connected with this beautiful source energy. Unfortunately, life experiences, traumas, transitions, unsupportive relationships and society cause us to fall into forgetfulness. We stop living in the truth of who we really are. This dis-ease is where disease of the mind, body and spirit is born.

The journey is one back to ourselves, Soul and Spirit.

How can we live a life guided by our Soul and Spirit? This is the work, and what we can do together. I guide others to deepen their spiritual connection so that they may live a more satisfying and purpose-driven life. I do this by helping individuals move through old negative beliefs and into more understanding of their Wholeness. Together, we will explore how your spiritual connection can inform this one precious lifetime.

Compassion starts within.

When we develop compassion for ourselves, we best serve others. As your guide, I am committed to strengthening and developing my connection with Soul & Spirit to enable me to act as a channel and a compassionate witness on your journey. This allows me to hold a sacred space of non-judgment and full presence.

My long-term vision is to create a more compassionate, divinely inspired world.

Let us awaken to our divine birthright of embodying our wholeness so we can help others do the same. I serve to create a force for awakening in this world that will be manifested in the manner in which individuals live their lives – sourced from presence, quietude and spiritual guidance. I am a trusting soul companion whose fierce presence and connection with spirit serves as a catalyst for healing.

Amanda Fresnics, LCSW is a spiritual counselor, therapist and founder of Whole Soul Healing. Amanda sought out spiritual practice as a refuge at a young age. She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University and then a certificate in Interspiritual Counseling and Direction from One Spirit Learning Alliance (OSLA). Amanda published psychological research on self-compassion and mindfulness to contribute to the burgeoning area of research where East meets West.

Amanda has been on various meditative and healing retreats both in the US and internationally.  Her work is influenced by Carl Jung, Tara Brach, Bill Plotkin, Ram Dass and Thich Nhat Hanh among many other spiritual teachers, traditions and mentors. She believes in the power of prayer, meditative practice, psychic work, energy healing and somatic body work.


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